Avant Gourd (Rot and Decay)

I'm very keen to qualify the 'notion' of this collection.

It is based on five genus of gourds... each is named appropriately and the (relatively short) pieces should be e consumed whilst imagining each 'vegetable' rotting... returning home, if you like.

There is beauty in death...


This begins with a piece of music that is 4mins long. The number 4 becomes a theme for it and is also used as a divisor for the main piece and all subsequent adjuncts. Ultimately the track is condensed inot 60s, 15s, 3.75s and 0.9375s length pieces.

The final adjunct is 'massive'. It's not massive (and it's actually listed as first) but contains all pieces simultaneously. With, for instance, the piece called 'large' being 60s long enters the music at 60s. This entry and duration tining is true for all adjuncts.

Imaginary Movie Soundtrack: Minds.

The movie, of course, doesn't exist. This is more of an exploration of what I imagine a dark, moody movie soundtrack might sound like.

The soundtrack is presented in two forms... Five original pieces in 'player one' and their relative 'pieces'... let's say for those with either time constraints or a short attention span in player two.